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Marks Behind the Stones: Please read how the currents of life took one Bengali “fish” out of her “pond” so many years ago and swept her away into an adventure that would play out halfway around the world in Alabama.

Dear Michigan Bangladeshi Community,
I heard a Punjabi proverb a long time ago from a friend when I lived in England. She said, the water flows by, but the stones remain. The outburst of grief passes away like a flood, but it leaves the marks behind on the stones.
Soon after moving to America my personal life took an abrupt turn in 1982 when my 38 year old husband (Abdur Razzaque Ph.D.) was killed in an automobile accident. In the face of tragedy, I continued to strive for the American dream for myself and for my seven year old daughter.
My memoir-Marks Behind the Stones- is an amazing tale of the marks left on my heart from tragedy, courage, victory, perseverance, survival, and love. In writing this book, I also share a myriad of true life experiences in Alabama as well as those of Bangladesh, professional battles, and hard-earned lessons regarding the unhealthy lifestyles of the people of America. I hope my book will endear readers to the people of the story, make them laugh and cry, capture their hearts and break them; but leave them cheering for this one-of-a-kind woman of true grit.
I believe that the lessons I have learned can help inspire Bangladeshis and other foreign immigrants overcome cultural and religious differences and find fulfillment and joy after leaving their home country.
Available for purchase electronically and in paper back now. Just click the following link or check my website at www.dixiebengali.com.

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